Welcome to the Intrigue U Records Home Page. We hope you enjoy what you are about to experience on this website. Our music is a mixture of Hip Hop, old school, new school and R&B. We also have a branch of Gospel Rap for those who seek something on a much higher level. Our goal is to appeal to both our young and old audience members.  We just released our 7th album called “Mood Swang”. Look out for three more albums from Intrigue U Records to come your way in early 2010 titled; “Trials and Tribulations,From the A to the Bay” and “Intoxicated”. We are currently in the script phase of a movie so look out for that to also come your way. Again, we hope you enjoy our website and don't forget to become a member on our BLOG by clicking here and start leaving all your comments, thoughts & suggestions on there. Take care and thank you for checking us out.


CEO of Intrigue U Records
Glenn “Gee” Crain


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